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:* Jérôme "jfc" Froment-Curtil (jfc@distributed.net)
:* Jérôme "jfc" Froment-Curtil (jfc@distributed.net)
:* John "Janacek" Vender (janacek@distributed.net)
:* John "Janacek" Vender (janacek@distributed.net)
:* Philippe Faure
===User Support ("The Masochists"):===
===User Support ("The Masochists"):===

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distributed.net Credits

Please do not email these people directly. Send your message to us via the email support form and it will be routed to the appropriate party. You can report bugs in the client or the web site on distributed.net's bugzilla.

Staff members' .plans are available for public viewing.


  • Chris "EA" Chiapusio (chipper@distributed.net)
  • Chris "cdy" Yarnell (cdy@distributed.net)
  • David "Daa" Avery (daa@distributed.net)
  • David "Nugget" McNett, President (nugget@distributed.net)
  • Jeff "Bovine" Lawson (bovine@distributed.net)
  • Jim "Decibel" Nasby (decibel@distributed.net)
  • Peter A. "AldE" DeNitto (alde@distributed.net)
  • Peter "PetrDoubt" Gildea (peter@distributed.net)


Group Leaders ("The FiringLine"):

  • Daniel "dbaker" Baker, Network Operations (dbaker@distributed.net)
  • David "nugget" McNett, Statistics (nugget@distributed.net)
  • Jeff "Bovine" Lawson, Proxy Development (bovine@distributed.net)
  • Andreas Beckmann, Client Development (andreasb@distributed.net)
  • Remi Guyomarch, Core Development (remi@distributed.net)

Documentation ("The ClueGivers"):

  • Alex "kiddo" Wong (alex@gildea.net)
  • Ben "thumper" Kaufman (thumper@distributed.net)
  • Colin "Lefty" Moller (colinm@island.net)
  • Paul "Moose" Gentle (moose@distributed.net)

Statistics ("The BeanCounters"):

  • Bruce "bwilson" Wilson (bwilson@distributed.net)
  • David "Nugget" McNett (nugget@distributed.net)
  • Jim "Decibel" Nasby (decibel@distributed.net)
  • John "Moonwick" Bishop (moonwick@distributed.net)
  • Chris "Nerf" Hodson (nerf@distributed.net)

The Web Site ("The PageBoys"):

  • Christopher "Accipiter" Curzio (accipiter@distributed.net)
  • Jeff "Bovine" Lawson (bovine@distributed.net)
  • Jérôme "jfc" Froment-Curtil (jfc@distributed.net)
  • John "Janacek" Vender (janacek@distributed.net)

User Support ("The Masochists"):

  • Dave "davehart" Hart (davehart@davehart.com)
  • Ivo "Leto" Janssen (ivo@distributed.net)
  • Jérôme "jfc" Froment-Curtil (jfc@distributed.net)
  • John "Moonwick" Bishop (moonwick@distributed.net)
  • Korey "koremore" Nixon (koremore@distributed.net)
  • Mike "Moike" Reed (mikereed@distributed.net)
  • Paul "paul" Richards (paul@distributed.net)
  • Shawn "CoffeeMan" Pinet (spinet@chat.carleton.ca)

Proxy Operators ("The Beeg Pipes"):

  • Alex "kiddo" Wong (alex@distributed.net)
  • Bob "plankers" Plankers (bob@plankers.com)
  • Chris "ea" Chiapusio (chipper@distributed.net)
  • Chris "cdy" Yarnell (cdy@distributed.net)
  • Cyrus "cyp" Patel (cyp@distributed.net)
  • Daniel "dbaker" Baker (dbaker@distributed.net)
  • Dave "davehart" Hart (davehart@davehart.com)
  • Gordon "grub" Grieder (grub@distributed.net)
  • Ivo "Leto" Janssen (ivo@distributed.net)
  • Mark "kwark" Bakker (kwark@hvu.nl)
  • Paul "moose" Gentle (moose@distributed.net)
  • Peter "petrdoubt" Gildea (peter@distributed.net)
  • Scott "bang" Neville (bang@distributed.net)

Core development and Ports:

  • Andreas Beckmann, General optimization and ports (andreasb@distributed.net)
  • Bernie Meyer, Alpha-AXP (bmeyer@cs.monash.edu.au)
  • Bruce Ford, x86 (fordbr@distributed.net)
  • Chris Berry, ARM (chrisb@distributed.net)
  • Chris Cox, OGR (ccox@adobe.com)
  • Christoph Dworzak, Alpha (dworz@amazing.ch)
  • Christopher J. Reimer, Sparc (reimer@doe.carleton.ca)
  • Christopher "ctate" Tate, BeOS (ctate@be.com)
  • Craig Johnston, OGR-NG, x86 & x86-64
  • Cyrus "cyp" Patel, General optimization (cyp@distributed.net)
  • Dan Grassi, PPC (dgrassi@gte.net)
  • Dan Oetting, PPC/OGR (oetting@gldfs.cr.usgs.gov)
  • David Jones, PA-RISC (dej@ox.org)
  • Decio Luiz Gazzoni "acidblood" Filho, x86 (acidblood@distributed.net)
  • Didier "kakace" Levet, m68k/Amiga, PPC/Mac OS X (kakace@wanadoo.fr)
  • Dominic Plunkett, x86/RISCOS
  • Friedemann Baitinger, OS/390 (fb@baiti.net)
  • Gavin Atkinson, linux/ppc (ga9@york.ac.uk)
  • Gordon "grub" Grieder, Genome project (grub@distributed.net)
  • Greg "gregh" Hewgill, OGR project (gregh@distributed.net)
  • Jeff Baker, QNX (jbaker@home.com)
  • John Girvin, 68k (girv@girvnet.freeserve.co.uk)
  • Katsuomi Hamajima, PA-RISC (hamajima@ydc.co.uk)
  • Knut "pfeffi" Pfefferkorn, OS/2 (pfeffi@distributed.net)
  • Lawrence Butcher, Sparc (lbutcher@eng.sun.com)
  • Louis Florit, WindowsCE/PocketPC (florit@unixville.com)
  • Mary "trif" Conner, x86 (trif@serv.net)
  • Marco "trashover" Aurelio Favoreto Casaroli, Research (trashover@distributed.net)
  • Michael Feiri, Mac OS (mfeiri@distributed.net)
  • Michael "suppe" Weiser, NeXTstep (mweiser@distributed.net)
  • Mike Marcelais, Alpha/win32 (michmarc@microsoft.com)
  • Nate "sampo" Begeman, Mac OS (nbegeman@engin.umich.edu)
  • Oliver Roberts, Amiga (oliver@futaura.co.uk)
  • Patrick Hildenbrand, PPC/Power (patrick@mail4you.de)
  • Pedro Miguel Teixeira, Alpha-AXP (pmt@ist.utl.pt)
  • Peter Teichman, OGR (teich-p@Rcs1.urz.tu-dresden.de)
  • Ralf "snake" Gebhart, xBSD (snake@distributed.net)
  • Remi Guyomarch, x86 (remi@distributed.net)
  • Simon Fenney, MIPS (simonf@videologic.com)
  • Stan Vernaillen, AIX (sod75@distributed.net)
  • Steve Lee, ARM (steve@banoffee.co.uk)
  • Steven "ertyu" Nikkel, Solaris/Sparc & x86 (snikkel@distributed.net)
  • Vyacheslav Chupyatov, RC5, ATI STREAM (goteam@mail.ru)