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#REDIRECT [[Docs/en]]
This section provides detailed tutorials to get you started with the distributed.net client, explains the available network connection options, monitoring work done using the statistics facilities and the help systems provided by distributed.net.
* [[Docs tutor client|Client installation, configuration and operation]]
* [[Docs tutor network|Network connection options]]
* [[Docs tutor stats|Personal Statistics and Team Statistics (lookups and configuration)]]
* [[Docs tutor help|Using distributed.net Help (IRC, mailing lists, regional support, staff .plans)]]
* [[Docs tutor irc|Using IRC]]
==Frequently Asked Questions==
Frequently asked questions and answers concerning all aspects of distributed.net.
* The distributed.net [http://faq.distributed.net/ FAQ-O-Matic]
==Policies and Abuse==
Please ensure that your use of our software is always done in compliance with [[Legal policy|our usage policies]]. Some [[Trojans|trojan horses and worms]] have been discovered to deploy our client, in contradiction to our stated policies. Please report other instances of abuse to [mailto:abuse@distributed.net abuse@distributed.net] or visit the [http://www.distributed.net/sendmail.php?to=abuse email support form].
==Still have questions?==
If you still require assistance, email us at [mailto:help@distributed.net help@distributed.net] or visit the [http://www.distributed.net/sendmail.php?to=help email support form].

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