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  • has set '''[[Policy|policies & terms of use]]''' regarding these clients. Please read them. Downloading and installing the client on any machine imp RC5-72 is now actively running for clients of version v2.9008 or higher.
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  • print '<table class="clients">'; from sections S, clients C
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  • from sections S, clients C
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  • Weitere [[howto|Informationen zur Einrichtung des Clients]] ===Das neue Projekt RC5-72{{anchor|RC5-72 clients available}}===
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  • ...r voor de meeste systemen op de [[download clients|clients pagina]] , beta clients en laatste nieuwe updates zijn ook te vinden op de [[download prerelease|pr ===RC5-72 clients beschikbaar!===
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  • If you want more information about the clients or the operation of, sign up on one of our mailing lists. T ...and can frequently offer further assistance or hints about running the RC5 clients on your specific system.
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  • * [[Download clients|Official Clients]] * [[Download prerelease|Pre-release beta clients/proxies for public testing]]
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  • has set '''[[Policy|policies & terms of use]]''' regarding these clients. Please read them. Downloading and installing the client on any machine imp RC5-72 is now actively running for clients of version v2.9008 or higher.
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  • ...the backup, it's all quite easy. It features pausing/unpausing of running clients, you can choose which drive to copy to and whether to copy buffers, setting ...ump''' uses WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize a clients performance. Almost any Visualization plug-in can be used (you only need CO
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  • ...moved and replaced with fixed versions for another 7 days. In most cases, clients are staged here for a period longer than the minimum and promoted to the re ...ns may be made available after bugfixes and review. Please note that beta clients may not be continuously available due to ongoing development and review pro
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  • ...allows you to establish one of your own machines as a buffer between your clients and one of the keyservers that are officially run by ...ince the personal proxy will already have more key blocks waiting for your clients when they're ready.
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  • ...x project withdraws their client binaries from distribution. New UDP-based clients are promised by the end of the week to counter the attacks. :V3 clients announced for the first time. Stats switched to an hourly update schedule.
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  • running clients without the permission of the owner of the machine. frowns ...hy. This was being distributed by an IRC bot automatically dcc sending to clients when they joined certain channels. This trojan consisted an install program
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  • ...enefits of truly private communications to the network. Today, several IRC clients include native support for SSL encryption, but if yours does not, please re ...eed to download an IRC Client if you have not already done so. Popular IRC clients for major platforms are:
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  • ...a client, you can download the latest client from the [[Download clients|clients page]]. Start the download by clicking on the link for your platform. Alternatively, the clients can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from the ftp site at ftp://ftp.distribu
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  • information describes the various options available to get work to the clients and report completed work back to keyservers. Please read c ...firewall host. If you choose the second option, be sure to configure your clients to connect to your firewall's IP address on the port that you've configured
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  • :* configure your clients to use your new email address
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  • ...unch. On November 17th at 00:00GMT, we will release the latest RC5/DES/CSC clients (dnetc446) and proxies (v311). Although we are working towards ports for ev The new clients will be at [[CSC]] so please download the latest release when they're relea
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  • Slashdot announces Bovine's new dual core clients]
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  •, with the aid of EFF's Deep Crack in addition to the clients, took part and completed this challenge on January 19, 1999 at 7am, less th
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  • has long published almost full source code to its client applications, clients compiled from the public source cannot interact with the networked keyserve ...ies contain coding mistakes or compilation errors. Admittedly, binary-only clients released by could also contain errors, but the chances of s
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  • ...t-Binaries von der weiteren Verbreitung zurückzuziehen. Neue UDP-basierte Clients sind bis zum Ende der Woche versprochen. ...ntlicht seine erste optimierte Version des aus dem genx-Code (v1) gebauten Clients.
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  • :se voient obligés de retirer leur clients. :De nouveaux clients UDP sont promis pour la fin de la semaine.
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