Network Operations Center

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Network Operations Center

Mission Critical Operations network operations is designed to operate and handle a mission critical operations environment. By "mission critical," we mean that our organization depends on the services provided by our network and systems. When those services aren't available, we aren't providing the services that make what we are today. Therefore, monitoring is mandatory, redundancy is critical, and service is guaranteed.

Stability and Uptime feels that an organization such as ours can only be as good as the systems that power it. Therefore, our core network services are powered by the FreeBSD -STABLE code branch. That said, NOC guarantees 100.0% uptime of distributed computing services twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Other services, including, but not limited to, web, ftp, etc, have a guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Definition of "distributed computing services" NOC defines distributed computing services as services which are required in order for all of our distributed computing projects to operate flawlessly. This list simply includes fullserver proxy services and domain name service. The definition will most likely change upon supporting additional distributed computing projects.

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