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Welcome to the distributed.net merchandise page (dnetware). We have three ways for you to choose from to show your support for distributed.net:

  1. hackerthreads.com has a collection of distributed.net shirts with clever designs.
  2. Our Cafepress storefront has various d.net logo merchandise.
  3. Spreadshirt has more durable silk screened shirts.

Please send us questions or comments.

We also have a dnetware FAQ.

CafePress.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. They also accept payment by check or money order.

You can review the CafePress.com return policy and privacy policy and get answers to frequently asked questions from the Cafepress customer service page.

Sample product images

White-shirt-front-1-.jpg White-shirt-back-1-.jpg
Grey-sweatshirt-front-1-.jpg Grey-sweatshirt-back-1-.jpg
Mug-left-1-.jpg Mug-center-1-.jpg Mug-right-1-.jpg