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==Official Dnetware FAQ==
#REDIRECT [[Dnetware FAQ/en]]
===What is this?===
This is your opportunity to help Distributed.net in two distinct ways:
#By advertising distributed.net with shirts, mugs, and mouse pads and more
#By supporting with your moneys distributed.net gets a small amount from every item purchased here.
===Who is this helping?===
Distributed.net is a non-profit organization. Your money helps us upgrade hardware, pays legal fees, and more. For specific details please visit the distributed.net [[Ledger |ledger page]].
===What if I have a problem with my order?===
If you have a problem with your order and would like to return or exchange it, please contact Spreadshirt.
Please '''DO NOT''' contact Distributed.net about problems with your order. We specifically chose Spreadshirt because they deal with the customer service end of these transactions.
===What if I have questions or comments about the dnetware order form?===
Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of the layout and/or design of the dnetware order forms by emailing [mailto:help@distributed.net help@distributed.net].
[[Dnetware | Return to the dnetware order form]].

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