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==How to Donate Directly==
==How to Donate Directly==

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How to Donate Directly

As a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization, all donations are fully tax-deductable within the United States. You will receive a receipt for your donation. You may, if you wish, specify where you want your money to be spent and that request will be honored. For instance, you may earmark funds to only be used to upgrade the stats server, or only be used as prize money for future projects. Monies not specifically directed will be placed in the general fund and used at the discretion of the distributed.net organizers. Mail Donations to:

Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc. (DCTI)
c/o David McNett
11608 Spicewood Parkway #29
Austin, TX 78750-2650

(Make checks payable to DCTI)


PayPal allows you to send money instantly and securely to anyone with an email address. You can also send money requests to a friend or group of friends, who can then pay you quickly and easily online. Use PayPal to pay an "IOU", collect money for an event, or buy and sell items at online auctions. PayPal makes sending and collecting money as easy as email. PayPal is the largest web-based payment network in the world. It is the number-one payment service for online auctions, and the payment service of choice for online communities. You may sign up with PayPal and then use PayPal to donate any amount of money you wish directly to distributed.net. PayPal will retain 1.9% of the transaction amount as their fee for processing the donation since distributed.net's account is a business paypal account.

Our address for paypal is paypal@distributed.net or you may click on the following button to directly send a donation: Paypal.gif


Helping.org is an easy-to-use, one-stop online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and beyond. They are a non-profit group that takes no cut out of donations made through them.

You can make a donation using any major credit card. distributed.net will receive 98% of the amount of your donation, with 2% going to cover the credit card transaction fees. Our EIN is 63-1186711

How to Donate by Shopping


A percentage of the sales from dnetware ordered through the distributed.net web site goes to DCTI. Please see the dnetware page for information about dnetware and CafePress.com order facilities.


Register yourself at http://www.igive.com/html/ssi.cfm?CID=1098&MID=3206 distributed.net will receive a percentage of the value of any purchases you make through one of iGive's many affiliate vendors. From dog food, to coffee, to office supplies -- your purchases can help fund distributed.net.


A percentage of the sales from books ordered through the distributed.net web site goes to DCTI. You can either follow a link on http://www.distributed.net/research/, or if you are going to order a book over the net, use the box on the same page. Follow the instructions. You must place your order through the distributed.net page, but you are not limited to just the books we've recommended. Any amazon.com purchase through our page results in a portion of the proceeds going to distributed.net