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This is PRE-RELEASE Software. Please Read Completely before Downloading.

The following downloads are PRE-RELEASE versions. In an effort to provide quality software at release time we will PRE-RELEASE software for bug checking. There are two major types of versions available on this page:

  • release-candidate These versions are not time restricted and will generally become release-worthy in at minimum 7 days if no significant bugs are found. If significant bugs are found, clients may be removed and replaced with fixed versions for another 7 days. In most cases, clients are staged here for a period longer than the minimum and promoted to the release page together in groups based on their version numbers in order to maximize testing stability.
  • beta These versions have time-limits and will expire after a few days. Clients are removed after expiry. Additional beta versions may be made available after bugfixes and review. Please note that beta clients may not be continuously available due to ongoing development and review processes.

These versions should not be used for widespread distribution. The files available here are intended for limited use by people who are willing to help us test these binaries before they are announced for general availability. If you do use them please pay attention to this page and the released client pages for any updates.

People who use these binaries must be willing to watch their clients carefully after installing them (to notice/report anomalous behavior). Additionally, they must retain access to the machine to be able to rapidly update it to the latest version if the binary is updated with another pre-release or release binary (do not install on machines that will be going out of your control anytime soon).

Please submit bugs on our bug reporting page.

Remember that these versions are not officially released yet and can be removed at any time. If you notice that the version you are using has been removed from this page and not promoted to the release page, you should discontinue using that version immediately.

Download links

Windows 32bit
1[x86/Zipped]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
2[x86/OpenCL]v2.9112.521 2016-02-17  http | ftp 
3[x86/Stream]v2.9112.521 2016-02-17  http | ftp 
1. Release candidate.
2. release candidate for OpenCL supported video cards (nVidia and AMD/ATI)
3. Release candidate. No expiration. AMD/ATI Stream video card accelerated client. RC5-72 only. Stream drivers must be pre-installed.
Windows 64bit
4[AMD64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-17  http | ftp 
4. Release candidate. Native 64-bit. Requires x64 edition of Win2k3/WinXP/Vista/Win7.
5[x86]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
5. release candidate. no networking support
Mac OS X/Darwin
6[AMD64/OpenCL]v2.9112.521 2016-02-17  http | ftp 
7[x86]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
8[PPC]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
9[AMD64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
6. OpenCL video card accelerated client. RC5-72 only. Mac OS X 10.7 or higher only. May not work with AMD GPUs.
7. Release candidate. 32-bit. Mac OS X 10.6 or higher only.
8. Release candidate. Should work on all PowerPC Mac OS X versions.
9. release candidate. 64-bit. Mac OS X 10.7 or higher only.
10[x86]v2.9112.521 2016-02-17  http | ftp 
10. release candidate.
11[PPC]v2.9112.521 2016-02-20  http | ftp 
 [AMD64/OpenCL]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
11[x86/ELF/uclibc]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
12[CellBE]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
13[AMD64/ELF]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
11. release candidate.
12. Cell Broadband Engine, PlayStation 3. Release candidate.
13. native 64-bit build for AMD x86-64 or Intel EM64T. Release candidate
14[9.x/x86/ELF]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
15[10.x/AMD64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
16[9.x/AMD64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
14. for FreeBSD >= 9
15. for FreeBSD >= 10
16. for FreeBSD >= 9.0
17[x86]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
18[7.x/Sparc64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
19[10.x/amd64]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
20[2.6/Sparc]v2.9112.521 2016-02-10  http | ftp 
17. release candidate. IPv6 support.
18. Release candidate. For 64-bit hardware on Solaris 7 only. IPv6 support.
19. release candidate. Solaris 10. IPv6 support.
20. release candidate. requires Solaris 2.6. Runs on both 32 and 64bit hardware. IPv6 support.
21[PPC/OS4]v2.9112.521 2016-02-18  http | ftp 
21. release candidate.

Additional Information

client v2.910x contain support for OGR-NG, which is needed for OGR-26 and beyond. Please keep these items in mind when running one of these versions.

  • These clients communicate with the DNS address *
  • These v2.910x clients can only send/receive OGR-NG packets when communicating with a proxy of build 343 or higher. Clients will still be able to do RC5-72 packets if communicating with a proxy of build 330 or higher.
  • Proxies build 335 or higher will only communicate to clients v2.8015.469 or higher. Proxies build 341 or higher will only communicate to upstream servers also of build 341 or higher.
  • All RC5-72 workunits are now a multiple of size 2^32. Starting with v2.9103-509, the client allows the selection of a preferred blocksize when connecting to a proxy of build 347 or higher. The default preferred blocksize may vary depending on the client platform.
  • All BETA clients will print out a status message every 10 minutes reminding you that you are running a BETA client, and how much time remains before your version will expire.
  • Although most of the RC5-72 cores in these clients are now partially optimized, we still welcome contributions of further core improvements. See the source code page for more details.
  • Please do not send questions regarding these pre-release clients to any of the mailing lists. You are instead encouraged to ask them on IRC or by e-mailing support.