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Welcome to the distributed.net merchandise page (dnetware). You can show your support for distributed.net with a durable digitally-printed shirt, hoodie, mug or other merchandise.

Visit our Spreadshirt storefronts for these designs and more...
United States, Canada or Australia store If you live in the United States, Canada or Australia, the preceding link should direct you to the appropriate local store.
European store Change language at the bottom. It will update the pricing to your local currency.

Cowheadfill-mens-retro-t-shirt.png Cowheadfill-mens-premium-t-shirt.png Globe-logo-mens-t-shirt.png
Cowheadfill-travel-mug.png Cowheadmono-contrast-coffee-mug.png Cowheadfill-buttons-small-1-5-pack.png

Please send us questions or comments. We also have a list of frequently asked questions about dnetware.