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This is a very small, random selection of banners that have been received. To view more of an artist's work, click their banner. A compilation of all banners is available, or reload for another random list.

Would you like to use one of these banners as a links to us on your own web pages? If so, you can learn how here.

If you've created a beautiful banner of which you're proud, upload the pretty little thing to the incoming directory on An attached text file denoting the creator would be a good idea, too.

Please note that suggestive or obscene banners will be rejected. Non-animated banners are preferred - but yes, as you can see, we do accept animations. Keep 'em small, please. File sizes should definitely be less than 30K, 400 pixels wide by 40 pixels high and saved in GIF format. Send comments and requests to

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Recruit with banners

Come on. Admit it. You think our project is amazingly neat, the hoopiest, froodiest thing since TCP.

Well, we'd be greatly obliged if you'd show your support for our effort. That's right. We want you to advertise for us.

It's really simple. See, all you have to do is put this code somewhere on your web site(s):

<center><a href="" target="_top">
<img src=""
width="400" height="40" border="0" alt="Distributed Computing" /></a></center>

A different banner from our collection will be displayed each time your page is loaded.