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Add-Ons and unsupported third-party utilities

The following list is provided as a courtesy to our users. None is supported by or should not be construed to be an endorsement or recommendation. If you have an add-on that you would like to have listed on this page, please fill out a request in our bug database with the information describing the add-on and where it can be downloaded.

Client related utilities

Client logfile analyzers
Webpage rc5Analyzer: a shareware program to track your personal RC5 statistics and to care on your dnetc log files. It includes a little bit more functionality than the other dnetc graphers for Mac OS, like functions for printing graphs, saving history files, compacting log files and html export of all views. Mac OS Last updated: 2006
Download LogVis (version 1.3.0):'s win32 client log file keyrate Visualizer and source code Win32 Last updated: Jul 8 2004
Webpage MacOS distribution of the Java LogVis (above). Java/MacOS Last updated: Aug 08 2001
Download Volker Voss alternate log visualizer utility Win32 Last updated: ?
Client monitoring and administration utilities
Download dnetcServiceScript is a simple VB script to control whether or not the service is running. Provides a gui for turning the service on/off without digging through the Administrative Tools / Services of WinXP. Win32 Last updated: Apr 29 2005
Webpage Backup Tool is a small batch program that guides the user through the backup steps for the Windows client. The program uses simple steps to make the backup, it's all quite easy. It features pausing/unpausing of running clients, you can choose which drive to copy to and whether to copy buffers, settings or both, and the backup files are verified after the process. Win32 Last updated: Aug 8 2004
Download Moo Man: a very easy to use program. It's designed to make's participants life much better. This application can play a random sound every time the client finishes a packet from RC5-72 or OGR project. Using default set of sounds you can turn your boring set of electronic circuits that makes your PC into your personal cow that loves you and moos time-to-time especially for you :). And that's really something for 'cow projects' fans. It has many, many new features comparing to the Moo Sounds application. Win32 Last updated: Apr 15 2004
Webpage Bovine: Graphical control of the Mac OS X client by Patrick Valenzuela. Bovine is made for advanced users of dnetc who want an easy way to start, restart, and stop the client. Features a Dock Menu, a controls window, and the ability to start dnetc when Bovine is launched. Mac OS X Last updated: Nov 29 2003
Download Beregn: This java source code written by Sverre Eldøy is for a really small and simple program that outputs to stdout how many r72-blocks there are in buff-out. It can be used as a component in .bashrc to get the number of blocks everytime you log on. Java Last updated: Oct 31 2003
Download Agfun - Run the Mac OS X client as your screen saver. Homepage Mac OS X Last updated: Oct 17 2003
Webpage COWPump uses WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize a clients performance. Almost any Visualization plug-in can be used (you only need COWPump and the Visualization .DLL to run, you don't actually need WinAmp). Win32 Last updated: Mar 17 2003
Webpage screensaver: Screensaver which uses DirectX8 to show off your log (kinda like logvis.exe on caffeine) while saving your precious pixels at the same time! Runs smooth, and puts as much processing load as possible on the video card leaving your processor more crunching power. Source code is included so you can modify it to your own will and make my code even better (not that you will get me to admit it isn't perfect). Win32 Last updated: Dec 2 2001
Download Mac OS X dnetc Wrapper: This wrapper written by Nigel Pearson provides a GUI front end for dnetc running under Mac OS X. Version 6 is a lot more reliable, allows the output window's font to be changed (Window -> Change Font), and displays progress information from the client (e.g. ...50%...). Mac OS X Last updated: Jun 26 2002
Webpage dnetcup: Utility to assist managing large (or not so large) installations of dnetc. Can do automatic upgrades of dnetc and centralized distribution of the dnetc configuration file. Perl Last updated: Sep 30 2000
Download MooSounds (version 1.0):'s add-on that provides the audible "Mooing" to your Win32 clients that was previously available within the Win32GUI client. MooSounds can also be used with new clients that have been installed as a hidden service. [[Source |source] code Win32 Last updated: Dec 5 1999
Download MooSounds for Perl: This is a Perl script that provides similar functionality as the Win32 MooSounds program listed above. This script polls your client logfile, looking for block completions and triggering a sound file to play when it detects that has occurred. This Perl script is intended primarily for UNIX systems, but it can be modified for other systems. Perl Last updated: Dec 4 1999
Download Remote Cows, the remote installer for client-as-NT-service (executable only, local copy, patched) text file WinNT Last updated: Nov 20 1999
Webpage Remote service control center. A management utility to control and deploy clients on a WinNT network, similar to Remote Cows. WinNT Last updated: Jan 12 2001
Download Microsoft WinTop - cpu utilization monitor for win95/98 (executable only, from kerneltoys, local copy) Win9x Last updated: Nov 20 1999
Download RC5_Log_screen saver. A simple screen saver for Win95/NT4 that periodically checks the specified file for changes and redisplays the tail portion of it on screen. Includes Visual C++ source code. Win32 Last updated: Feb 18 1998
Webpage Ovine by Julius Welby. A python script that allows people (such as those who use the email gateway) to automatically swap in other in-buffers when the client exhausts its current one. Python Last updated: Dec 8 2000
Webpage GKrellDnet is a client monitor plugin for GKrellM. Requires Unix, X11, and GTK. Unix/GTK Last updated: Nov 4 2000
Client launch/shutdown utilities
Webpage Myzar, the Amiga rc5des client front-end Amiga Last updated: Jul 3 2000

Other miscellaneous things

Statsbox related
Webpage rc5stats.exe, a small tool that provides some extra info about submitted blocks using information from rc5 stats pages. Download file size is 32 KB (zip file), exe file is 105 KB of size. Win32 Last updated: Aug 23 2003
Webpage a small Perl script that creates personal statistics graphs (with gnuplot-3.7) from the personal history web page on UNIX Last updated: Oct 29 2000
Webpage A Facebook application to display, share and compare your RC5 and/or OGR stats with your friends. Last updated: May 2008
Download Extracted copies of the 5 cow moo sounds used in the old Win32 GUI client (WAV format) All Last updated: Jan 24 2000
Download a BMP logo for the Siemens C35i mobile-phone (by Other Last updated: Dec 16 2000
Webpage Cowhead icons and wallpapers: a collection of desktop pictures with the cowhead in 16 different colours and 4 different sizes that can be used by any OSs, and a collection of icons for Mac OS X (128x128 pixels). MacOS Last updated: Sep 18 2002
Webpage a splash screen for Netscape Communicator 4 (for Macintosh only) that shows the cowhead (by MacOS Last updated: Sep 18 2002
Download Cow wallpaper by Piotr Chodzinski. You can also download an updated version. Win32 Last updated: Jul 14 2003

Personal proxy related utilities

Personal Proxy Monitoring and Administration Utilities
Download proxycontrol is an easy to use shellscript to control your personal proxy. Featues of proxycontrol: control 1 to 3 proxies, start and stop proxy, check if proxy is running or not, examine buffers of the proxy, flush via command. You need only a UNIX compatible computer and a perproxy. UNIX Last updated: Feb 15 2005
Personal Proxy Network Connectivity Utilities
Download rc5.cgi - a Perl CGI script that can be placed on a dual-homed corporate webserver (ie: reachable by both the corporate Intranet and the outside Internet). This script enables clients to communicate with the keyservers, and can be used as a substitute for a personal proxy for people who only need connectivity services. Perl Last updated: Nov 29 1999
Personal Proxy Monitoring Utilities
Webpage PM by Spirin Timofey. A Win32 utility to process proxy console logs, allowing you to monitor the buffer levels and last-update times of all connecting clients. Win32 Last updated: Sep 18 2000
Personal Proxy Statistics Generators
Download Personal Proxy Live Stats - PHP script that shows a package summary from the local logfiles of the personal proxy in the web browser. You can view different projects, team-summary, user's detailed stats and so on. Even forecasts and a review for the day before are included. Multiple language support included (currently german, english). No installation required, just edit the config file and you're done. GPL License by Steffen Ille and Joerg Risse. PHP Last updated: Sep 26 2007
Webpage RC5Stats - Creates a web page displaying your perproxy statistics (works best on a home network or other assigned IP network). Win32 Last updated: Oct 8 2003
Webpage RC5-72 Personal Proxy Turbo-Stats
  • The Turbo-Stats Pack includes:
  • a high-speed logfile-processor, with runtimes of less then 5 seconds for 10000 new WUs, written in C++ (Unix-Based Systems, Windows-Users have to use Cygwin)
  • a fully customizable web-output via PHP, using easy to edit Smarty-Templates...
  • The Best Solution for medium and large-sized RC5-PerProxies!
  • See it in action at
UNIX Last updated: Sep 1 2003
Webpage rc5pstats is a statistics generator for Personal Proxies. It reads the the log files produced by the perproxy server software and produces several textual and graphical statistics (charts) as html or text pages. Furthermore it is able to cache, reuse and delete information from previous runs to avoid reading already analyzed log files in consecutive run.rc5pstats is a pure Java application and was mainly inspired by the Personal Proxy Statistics software written by Kevin Pesce. It is able to integrate "color" themes of ppstats and its icons as well. Java Last updated: Jul 18 2002
Webpage ppstats - Kevin Pesce's Personal Proxy Statistics Perl Stats analyzer for RC5-64, DES, CSC, and OGR. Webserver and Perl required. Perl Last updated: Aug 27 2000
Webpage FredZeGreat's AnalyzR - HTML stats generator for RC5-64 (French) WinNT Last updated: ?
Webpage PPLogAnalyzer - Vlad Vissoultchev's proxyper Log Analyzer. supports OGR. VB source available. Win32 Last updated: Jul 27 2000
Webpage RC5 Monitor by Michael Gensing - proxyper statistics generator (German) Win32 Last updated: Apr 10 2005