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#distributed - Real-Life Locations

Below is a list of people's IRC names and their real-life location, if known. If you're not on this list, drop me an email or grab me on IRC, where i masquerade as ChrisJ

You might also want to take a look at http://www.distributed.net/Meetmap for real-life meetings of distributed.net staff and #distributed channel regulars.

Person Location
r3 Boulder, CO, USA
beemind NJ, USA
bighead CA, USA
BMF -Dustbag Belgium
BMF -Johan Belgium
BovineOne Austin, TX, USA
cdy CA, USA
ChrisJ Adelaide, SA, Australia
Circa Vernon, NJ, USA
CoffeeMan Canada
Cowbert Storrs, CT, USA
daa CO, USA
davehart Redmond, WA, USA
dbaker Houston, TX, USA
Decibel/Decibull/TheCougar Austin, TX, USA
equiraptor Houston, TX, USA
Floppus Vaassen, The Netherlands
Frawg Brisbane, QLD, Australia
froggie Nottingham, UK
GladX Hillsborough, CA, USA
gregh New Zealand
ibanix Albany, NY, USA
ickis Canberra, ACT, Australia
ItsIllak UK
Janacek South Hurstville, NSW, Australia
Joel Tempe, AZ, USA
ktremain UK
Lefty Vancouver, Canada
Leto Austin, TX, USA
Mike UK
monsted Århus, Denmark
Moonwick Austin, TX, USA
Moosie Austin, TX, USA
Mugu San Antonio, TX, USA
Nerf/Ares NJ, USA
NevDull NJ, USA
Nugget Houston, TX, USA
nz_liam North Auckland, New Zealand
OrionDC Kirkland, WA, USA
PetrDoubt Mtn View, CA, USA
Piru Finland
RyJones Moscow, ID, USA
s4xton St. Paul, MN, USA
sdodson Statesboro, GA, USA
sod75 Belgium
SlicerAce St. Cloud, MN, USA
Sponge Bloomsburg, PA, USA
41 00.901N 076 23.180W
TheWeasel River Falls, WI, USA
thumper^ Portland, OR, USA
Vegeta99 Williamsport, PA, USA
Yogicat/Yogesh Wah Fu, Hong Kong
Zaphod/ZaphodWork Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Don't yell at me if its wrong, rather, you should email me.