Coding Coordinator

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Coding Coordinator

Responsible for ensuring communication between all coders, especially with regard to how changes will impact other areas of the code. Responsible for ensuring that potential problem areas are brought to the attention of all the affected coders. This is not a decision-making position, but rather the person in this role's focus is as a coder facilitator. It is this person's job to make sure that all the coders have everything they need to code including access, information, and any beneficial tools to get the job done.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date list of all coders and their current focus and area of development.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date list of all porters and their platforms.
  • Maintaining good communication between coders via IRC, email, and whatever other means necessary
  • Ensuring that client documentation (including web based documentation such as FAQs) is up-to-date
  • Keeping DCTI staff members (and indirectly, users) advised as to the status of coding projects
  • Should not be actively coding for DCTI

Skills/Experience Required:

Good leadership skills are a must as delegation of some duties will be required. Daily access to IRC. Knowledge of software architecture management required, experience is a plus. Knowledge of C/C++/Asm are a plus.