Financial Ledger

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Financial Disclosure and Ledger

Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc. maintains a completely open ledger sheet and release our financial statement as public information. We feel that if we are going to accept your donations of time, effort, hardware and funds it is only fair that you be completely informed on where those resources are being spent.


DCTI has graciously accepted non-monetary and material support from the following persons or organizations:

Contributor Donation
Midas Networks Bandwidth and collocation of fritz
ISC (Internet Systems Consortium) Bandwidth and collocation of servers
Best Internet ( Bandwidth, patience, and a home for the stats server
VISI Bandwidth and collocation of nodezero
United Devices (Univa UD) Bandwidth, collocation, and hardware donations
Matt Smith Ethernet Card
Jim Nasby K6-300 for keymaster
Bill Wakefield Video Adapter for statsbox (Diamond Stealth PCI)
Ricky Beam (cramer) Dual PII motherboard, Two 3COM NICs
Eric Gindrup PII-300 cpu
Steve Sullivan 2Gb UW SCSI Hard Drive, 64Mb RAM
Paul Gentle (Moose) Undisclosed
John Vender (Janacek) Full Tower Case for Statsbox-II
Mark Iannucci Undisclosed
Alex Ranaldi (c0wie) US $50
Scott Schram US $104
Keith Kemp (nwcr) Adaptec 2940UW for keymaster, 64mb DIMM for keymaster
Shawn Sulma (Athos) 128mb DIMM for keymaster
Fu 4GB UWSCSI Seagate Cheetah disk for keymaster
cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow) 256mb DIMM for statsbox-ii (woi!)
Bill Plein Two DEC Multia Computers

Balance Sheet

Account Balance
PayPal $60.92
Wells Fargo Checking $6,314.13
Wells Fargo Savings $5,520.05
Total Assets (as of 20-Apr-2006) $11,895.10

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How to Donate

Our donations page describes the various ways that contributions can most easily be made to us. You will receive a receipt for your donation.