Porting Requests

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Porting Requests

The minimum requirements for a distributed.net client port are:

  • at least a 32bit processor
  • 1MB of free physical memory per running instance
  • a reliable/constant supply of power (not be a primarily battery powered device)
  • a C++ (cross-)compiler
  • the compiler can deal with 16bit integers (required for OGR)
  • a reliable and secure medium for data exchange (disk or TCP/IP stack)

If you would like to see distributed.net support a platform that it currently does not, and the hardware/OS/environment fulfills all the requirements listed above, please go to the source page and if you're that clued, skilled porter, go ahead and try compiling a public-source client. If you manage to do that, it's only trivial to wrap it with the proper secure protocols. In that case, contact help@distributed.net, and if we think you're indeed clued and skilled enough, you can hop on our porter team to make sure future versions will include your platform.

A list of the currently open porting requests can be found in our Bugzilla database, by accessing the following query request.

Happy porting!