Staff Picks

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Nugget's Picks

Here's a scratch-pad of books that has ordered for himself. gets more money if the book is hard-linked, so he adds books here in order to buy them.

P.S. dbaker's books are not as cool as mine.

Neil Howe, Bill Strauss, R.J. Matson, Ian Williams
Kevin Kline, Lee Gould, Andrew Zanevsky / O'Reilly
Linda Lamb and Arnold Robbins / O'Reilly
D. Brent Chapman and Elizabeth Zwicky / O'Reilly
Thomas Stanley and William Danko
Ilyce R. Glink
Jim Davis
Kurt Vonnegut
Shel Silverstein
Scott M. Ballew, Michael Loukides / O'Reilly
Chris Lewis
Bobby Prince Music
Henry M. Robert
Henry M. Robert
Mary Ann DeVries
Neil Rhodes, Julie McKeehan, Mark Stone
David Pogue
Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl

dbaker's Picks

These are books that dbaker has bought. All of these books are cooler than nugget's picks. _]:8)

Linda Lamb and Arnold Robbins / O'Reilly
John Grisham, Michael Beck (Narrator)
Bryan Costales, Eric Allman (Contributor), Gigi Estabrook (Editor)
Jon Orwant
W. Richard Stevens
W. Richard Stevens, Gary Wright
W. Richard Stevens, Gary Wright
Douglas Rushkoff
George Bush
Tom Severance
James Patterson
John Grisham
Tim Parker, Anne Carasik, Daniel A. Baker, Neal S. Jamison, Kurt Hudson, Mark Kadrich, Bernard McCargo, Joe Devlin, Emily Berk, Rima S. Regas, Mark A. Sportack

Vetere's Picks

This rather short list covers the gamut, and only contains the best of the very best.

Brilliant indictment of Soviet Russia, penned when socialism was in vogue in the United States.
Before going forward, it's good to know what's behind us.
Refreshingly apolitical look at a military family.
Widescreen space-opera at its finest. Ringworlds, intelligent starships, and anarcho-syndicalism in what's been referred to as the ultimate utopia.
Physics explained.
Worried about machine intelligences? Don't be. Here's why.
Sociological experiment in matriarchy by the ever-excellent Brin.

McLean's Picks

Give your computer more idle cycles... read a few of these, they changed my life.

This massive book by the original cryptography master traces the history of coding and cracking from the dawn of civilisation to the near-present, complete with true technical explanations and gripping real-life dramas that put James Bond to shame.
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." The only quotes book worth owning.
There's zillions of English Tao translations, but this is the first that captures the ethereal wisdom as it was meant to be. Worth reading many times.
A Pictoral Explosion of McLuhanism, and the perfect introduction book. Will blow your mind.
McLuhan goes deeper under the false-surface of thought. And get this: He's right.
One of my favourite novels of all time, and the most realistic vision of the near-future I have ever read. Brin is a genius.
Think back before the lameness, long ago when was the centre of cultural hypocracy on the net... or something... quite witty.
Oh come on, you know this one. He put the 'spirit' in spirituality, baby!
Douglas Coupland taps into every nuance of modern life from my perspective, and displays it garishly and compellingly through each page...
Most of these predictions make sense, terrifyingly enough.
Pooh Bear kicks ass. These tales are profoundly neat.
Spider's best science fiction epic yet, based in my hometown of Vancouver. Truly riveting, hilarious, super-duper stuff.
Yes, it is still remotely possible that we can save the world.
Searingly funny text by the ever-ironic Ambrose Beirce. Flies in the face of... everything, and makes sense too. If you own one dictionary, make it this one.