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[FreeBSD] [Linux] [Mac OS X/Darwin] [OpenBSD] [OS/2] [Solaris/SunOS] [Tru64 UNIX / DEC UNIX / OSF1] [Windows 32bit]

important note

This is the official listing of Personal Proxies. They have been tested to be functioning correctly. The binaries listed here are the ONLY ones you should be using, trojans and other versions have been released, please avoid them. Please do not make attempts to mirror or redistribute the proxy binaries either via your own web/ftp server, or any other means. If you wish to provide a convenient method for your visitors to download proxies, please only provide a URL link to it on our FTP site or (preferably) to this page.

With this proxy, you can serve clients. It allows you to establish one of your own machines as a buffer between your clients and one of the keyservers that are officially run by the organizers. This will allow your clients to waste less time trying to connect to one of the main proxies, since the personal proxy will already have more key blocks waiting for your clients when they're ready.

Running a personal proxy is definitely not needed by everyone, nor is it universally recommended. You should only run a personal proxy if you are very confident of your abilities, and you have a very weak, unreliable, or intermittent connection to the Internet to directly contact one of the servers.

Download links

Windows 32bit
 [x86]build 347 2009-02-15  https | ftp 
Mac OS X/Darwin
1[universal]build 347 2009-02-15  https | ftp 
1. x86+ppc universal binary
 [x86]build 347 2009-02-15  https | ftp 
2[cellbe]build 347 2009-07-27  https | ftp 
3[x86]build 347a 2009-07-27  https | ftp 
 [alpha]build 333 2003-03-08  https | ftp 
2. for PlayStation3 or CellBE
3. for most modern Linux/x86 distros
 [4.x/x86]build 347 2009-07-27  https | ftp 
 [6.x/x86]build 347 2009-07-27  https | ftp 
 [7.x/x86]build 347 2009-07-27  https | ftp 
 [x86]build 347 2009-02-15  https | ftp 
 [2.6/sparc]build 347 2009-02-15  https | ftp 
 [alpha]build 341 2004-05-15  https | ftp 

Additional Information

Alternate download links: Personal Proxy Directory on Server (ftp), Personal Proxy Directory on Server (http)

Pre-Release clients and Personal Proxies are available for those wishing to help with client testing before the clients are released. Visit the Pre-Release page for information.

Backwards-compatibility notes

OGR-NG (Nov 22, 2008)
You must be running proxy build 343 or higher for OGR-NG support. Also note that build 343 proxyper can only connect to an upstream server that is also build 343 or higher, regardless of project.
RC5-72 (Jan 20, 2003)
You must be running proxy build 330 or higher.