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OGR-28 Successfully Completed

On 2022-11-23 the OGR-28 Project was completed after eight and a half years of the exhaustive search process. This effort conclusively proved the most optimal 28 mark Golomb Ruler.

OGR-27 Successfully Completed

On 2014-02-25 after five years of work, the OGR-27 Project was completed. Almost 20,000 participants helped prove the most optimal 27 mark Golomb Ruler.

OGR-26 Successfully Completed

On 24-Feb-2009 the last stub was confirmed as received for the OGR-26 Project. One again thanks to participants, who helped prove the most optimal 26 mark Golomb Ruler.

OGR-25 Successfully Completed

On 25-Oct-2008 the OGR-25 Project was completed after a little over eight years of searching by participants, exhaustively proving the most optimal 25 mark Golomb Ruler.

OGR-24 Successfully Completed

On 13-Oct-2004 the final stub was returned for the OGR-24 Project, conclusively determining the optimal 24 mark Golomb Ruler after four years of crunching by participants.

RC5-64 Successfully Completed

On 14-Jul-2002, after 1757 days of searching the winning key to RSA Labs' RC5-64 project was successfully recovered by 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 was returned by a P3-450 in Japan running Windows 2000.

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Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc,, announced on November 27th, 2000 that it has entered a strategic partnership with United Devices, Inc. Based in Texas, United Devices is a leading commercial developer of distributed computing technology.

Under the terms of the alliance, and United Devices will continue to exist as two independent companies that serve different, yet complementary, purposes. The two companies will maintain a cooperative relationship, working together to further the development and adoption of large-scale distributed computing.

Fourteen members will join the ranks of United Devices' development and strategic teams in Austin, Texas and Berkeley, California, where a new development team will be consolidated. "As our popularity and scale have grown, so have our time requirements," said Jeff Lawson, co-founder of "This move is a very natural progression for us all and enables the team to focus full time on what we love doing the most."

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Project OGR

The OGR project restarted with new clients on Thursday July 13, 2000 around 22:00 UTC. The first pass of OGR-24 has been completed and distribution of OGR-25 was started on August 1, 2000. The verification second pass of the OGR-24 stubspace is currently being done in parallel with OGR-25 distribution.

Although OGR code has been present in the dnetc Official Clients since version v2.8002.446, no blocks will be accepted from versions prior to v2.8009.460. We ask that you update your clients to v2.8009.460 or higher. These clients have been available for some time now and you should take the time to upgrade as many systems as you can.

Even if you don't plan on participating in the OGR projects, you will want to upgrade your clients because of major network and buffer-management improvements. Check out the changelog document for a complete list of changes.

In the first year of running the OGR-25 project has attracted around 55 000 participants with three to four thousand participants reporting each day. The project is approaching 6000 participating teams of which almost 1000 are active each day. So far we have tested over 7 000 000 000 Gnodes of OGR-25 stubs.

You can monitor your OGR progress at OGR stats. For information on changes to stats see the following document.

Project RC5-64

On 17th April 2002 project RC5-64 reached 75% of the keyspace checked, more than 51 billion work units, after 1638 days of running. This was achieved by more than 320 000 participating e-mails. The number of teams has grown to almost 12 500 with about a third of these teams currently active. See RC5-64 stats for current RC5-64 stats project statistics.

Banners Updated

The Advertising Banner Area has been updated and obsolete banners have been removed. While we have many banners for the RC5-64 project, project OGR banners are currently lacking and contributions of these will be particularly welcome.

Stats code available as open source

The stats code is now open source and is available on GitHub. The database software used to keep track of work done and generate reports is Postgres.

IRC and blogs

You can always catch up on the most recent news on our IRC channel #distributed on the Libera.Chat IRC network If you're new to IRC we provide instructions for getting help using IRC to help you get started, or visit Libera.Chat Guides for network-specific information.

Staff blogs also provide current information relating to our projects and general issues.

See also the history page for a more comprehensive summary of noteworthy events in's past.